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About Us

AWAY WE GO adventure bags were created by the Adams' Gang, a family who is always on the go, raised in southern California by the beautiful ocean. We wanted a bag for all of our adventures. The list of wants was endless! We needed a bag to:  keep sand out, float if we take it in the ocean or it falls out of the boat, hold wet bathing suits without getting everything wet, keep drinks cold drinks and be soft enough to tote our fur babies around.


So we created a bag for all of our adventures and all of your adventures. It's durable, it's sand-proof, it floats, it acts as an insulator for hot and cold food and drinks, it's a layer of protection for anything breakable.

These bags are made from neoprene, yup, the same material as wetsuits. 

You can take these bags kayaking, camping, swimming, hiking, biking, to yoga, to the farmers' market or just use as a durable travel bag.


This bag is made for adventure!

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About the Away We Go Bags

Styles: Bike Basket Liner Totes, Travel Totes, Beach Totes & Everyday Pouches 


  • Made from high quality 100% neoprene
  • Water resistant, just like a wetsuit
  • Bike Basket Liners have a secure locking toggle with a heavy duty draw string 
  • Bike Basket Liners fit a standard wicker and/or wire basket, Length 17" x Height 12" x Width 10-20"
  • For bags with handles, the comfy handles are double stitched on for durability
  • The Extra Large totes have are double lined, with a design on the outside and a design on the inside
  • The Extra Large Totes have two zippered pockets, one on the inside and one on the outside
  • The Extra Large Totes have durable zipper pulls for the top enclosure
  • The Extra Large Tote pockets are perfect for a cell phone or small items


Return Policy:

If you're unhappy with your bag, just contact us for a full refund within 30 days. We're assuming you hated it so much you couldn't even stand to look at it or use it, so it must be returned to us in like new condition. If an item is faulty, please contact us via the phone number or email on our Contact Us page.