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Blue Hula Bike Basket Liner Tote

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If Elvis had a beach cruiser, this is the pattern he would have choosen. The Blue Hula print features Hawaiian blue flowers with hints of gold and coral flowers. This pattern is double sided and reversible, so your bike basket will be stylish inside and out.

This is the perfect bike basket to transport your furry friends, pick up groceries from the farmers' market, take your picnic and beverages to the beach, or just help to carry your treasures.

It makes a great lunch bag - your hot items stay hot and your cold items stay cold. Two large pockets hold your valuables, plus a sturdy locking drawstring cinches it together. It's fully reversible and patterned on the inside and outside. Rumor has it that it will also improve your hula game.

Dimensions of Each Bike Basket Liner Tote

  • Length 17"
  • Height 12"
  • Expands to 10- 20" & adjusts to many baskets