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Seaflower Tote Bag with Medium and Large Pouches

$32.00 - $79.00
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The Seaflower Extra Large Travel Tote is perfect for your adventures on sea or on land. Need a concert bag that will hold a blanket, beverages, meals and keep your food/drinks warm or cold? The 100% neoprene bag acst as an insulator to keep that cheese crisp (or the perfect gooey) for that picnic charcuterie.

On the sea it floats and while it's not waterproof, just like a wetsuit, it keeps your belongings pretty dry. At the top of this best-selling bag is a heavy duty zippered enclosure, with a zippered pocket both inside and outside. 

Lightweight, but extremely durable great for beach outdoor or travel.  The XL Tote Size has a heavy duty plastic zipper closure at the top. Holds all the beach towels, toys, wet bathing suits and is a hot and cold insulator for drinks and food.

XL Travel Tote Dimensions

  • 25" Long x 19" High x 6" Wide
  • Sturdy nylon straps are 31" Long and 1.5" Wide
  • Zipper pocket inside
  • Zipper pocket outside
  • Each item is sold separately

Medium Travel Pouch Dimensions

  • 9.5" Long x 7.5" High

Large Travel Pouch Dimensions

  • 13.5" Long x 9.5" High