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Under Da Tree Bike Basket Liner Tote

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Under da sea or under da tree, you'll enjoy your next ride around town with our stylish Under Da Tree Bike Basket Liner Tote! One side has a black and white palm tree print, while the other side is black and white striped. Omg stripes are so in.

Ride your bike to the farmers' market, turn your basket liner into a tote, put it on your arm and off you go. It will keep your hot purchases hot and your cold purchases cold. They are made from 100% neoprene, just like a wetsuit, so it's also water resistant, soft and super durable.

Two large pockets hold your valuables, plus a sturdy locking drawstring cinches it together. It's fully reversible and patterned on the inside and outside. Travel happy!

Dimensions of Each Bike Basket Liner Tote

  • Length 17"
  • Height 12"
  • Expands to 10- 20" & adjusts to many baskets